Democrat Councilwoman Who Said Toms River Too White, Claims She Received Threats, Calls for Facebook Censorship


TOMS RIVER, NJ – After declaring that Toms River Township is not racially diverse enough for her liking, Toms River Councilwoman Laurie Huryk, a Democrat on Tuesday said she had received a threat in the mail.  She waved a piece of paper in front of her, but did not read the letter.  She did not say whether or not she reported the alleged threatening letter to the Toms River Police Department.

Huryk claimed the threat was in response to social media postings online after she told the township at the last council meeting that Toms River needs to do a better job at making the community more inviting to a greater diversity of individuals.  Huryk has yet to explain how her plan to make the community more diverse would work and didn’t explain how the current demographics of the community negatively impact the township.

“According to, Toms River is 82% white, 3% black.  As compared to the United States on whole which is 60% white and 13% black. New Jersey is 55% white and 15% black,” Huryk said. “We need to take a look at ourselves to examine what we can do as a community to make Toms River more inviting to a greater diversity of individuals and that of our state and the United States.”

Huryk noted that the township’s 82% white population is much higher than the state and national average.

Now, she claims she is being threatened and that her statement was twisted and misrepresented.

“At our last meeting, I quoted U.S. Census data followed by self reflection inclusion, diversity and unity,” Huryks said. “My words were twisted and my meaning misrepresented on social media, resulting in escalating hateful and divisive commentary messages, voice mails, culminating in this disgustingly racist, threatening letter sent to my home. I’m not going to read it, it’s extremely offensive and threatening.”

“It’s where I live, with my family. As leaders in the community, it is our responsibility to be part of the solution, to work towards unity and condemn deceitful, divisive and hateful behavior.   For the most part, this council and the previous have been shining examples of bi-partisanship, save one,” she said, referring to Councilman Daniel Rodrick who has been working overtime to expose political corruption in Toms River government.  “We’ve demonstrated that we can disagree but come to compromise and present civil for the most part.”

Rodrick has been a key detractor in the township’s plans to turn downtown Toms River into a fledgling city and has been speaking out against political corruption by other members of the council in Toms River.

Huryk said she also fully supports the organization “Stop Hate for Profit” which has organized a financial advertising boycott against Facebook to financially harm the social media company’s business until it increases censorship on Facebook contributing to the dissent against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Whatever we’ve done is not enough, we must be ever determined in our efforts to stop the seeding and division and continuously work towards equality, inclusion and diversity and unity,” Huryk said. “Hate for profit has real consequences for real people. It is our job to return our world to civility and to quell the divisiveness and deception all day and every day.”

Stop Hate for Profit seeks to remove public and private groups focused on white supremacy, antisemitism, violent conspiracies and Holocaust denialism, which is a very noble object.

The group also wants anyone on Facebook who talks about vaccine misinformation or climate denialism to also be banned from the social media platform.

According to the National Review, Huryk’s plan for forcing an unnatural demographic change in Toms River is part of her Democrat party’s national platform to abolish the suburbs.

A story published by the National Review, entitled Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs investigated Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s housing plan for America that seeks to eliminate single family zoning, as evidenced by the township’s plan to build 7 story buildings through the Toms River downtown area.

“Biden has embraced Cory Booker’s strategy for ending single-family zoning in the suburbs and creating what you might call “little downtowns” in the suburbs,” said Stanley Kurtz of the National Review. “Combine the Obama-Biden administration’s radical AFFH regulation with Booker’s new strategy, and I don’t see how the suburbs can retain their ability to govern themselves. ”

Kurtz said that the Democrat’s latest platform attacking the predominantly white suburbs is geared towards winning elections for the party, not a plan for the greater good of the people who already live there.

“They will lose control of their own zoning and development, they will be pressured into a kind of de facto regional-revenue redistribution, and they will even be forced to start building high-density low-income housing,” Kurtz said. ” [That], of course, will require the elimination of single-family zoning. With that, the basic character of the suburbs will disappear. At the very moment when the pandemic has made people rethink the advantages of dense urban living, the choice of an alternative will be taken away.”

Is Huryk concerned about diversity in Toms River or is she now just towing the Democrat political party line for Joe Biden heading in the 2020 Presidential election?

This week, in Oregon, a politician was caught writing himself a hate letter he claimed was sent to him online.

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