It’s Not a Hockey Game Without Hearing “Potvin Sucks” as Rangers Return to the Ice Tonight

It’s been 41 years since douchebag Dennis Potvin crushed New York Rangers’ rookie superstar Ulf Nilsson, but Rangers fans haven’t forgotten. That’s why at least 4 or 5 times during every game, somebody starts the “Potvin Sucks” whistle.  No Ranger game is complete without it. Heck, these days, you even get a “Potvin Sucks” chant occasionally at Yankee Stadium.

With no fans in the stands, who is going to pick up the slack as the NHL moves to its pristine Canadian bubble to play out the Stanley Cup playoffs?  There’s a lot of guys on the bench and somebody has to step up if the Rangers hope to win it all this year.

“Remember Ulf!”

In 1979, on February 25th, the Rangers were playing good hockey and one of the highlights was rookie forward Ulf Nilsson. He was in his rookie season and took a hard hit from Potvin. It wasn’t the hit that ended his career, but it ended the season for young Nilsson and he was never really the same after.    Many fans would claim that had Nilsson finished out the season, the Rangers might have been that year’s Stanley Cup champions.

Photo by Pedro Bariak on Unsplash



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