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Governor Murphy Just Told New Jersey, “You’re On Notice” for Acting Badly During COVID-19

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy today posted a Trumpian tweet and Facebook post today, issuing a general threat to the people of New Jersey regarding COVID-19.

“We are not past COVID-19,” Murphy said. “I am not announcing any specific action today, but consider this as being put on-notice. We will not tolerate these devil-may-care, nonchalant attitudes any more.”

Murphy might be hanging out too much with Democrat Vice-Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, because he even pulled a term from the mid 1700’s that most people, except maybe video gamers, would understand today.  It’s what old people do.

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Regardless of the wording, the mysterious and ominous threat left most of New Jersey wondering, but not surprised in any way.

“Ohhhh…..where is my shocked face…….really, you screwed up the state economy, violated our rights repeatedly, and not to mention all the elderly,” said conservative leader William Hayden.

” Who the hell are you talking to? Seriously I really hope these are not the actual words of an elected official in a democratic nation,” asked Kate DeNunzio.

The message came as part of a collection of word vomit posted by the governor today..

“We all want to get back to things the way they were, but right now that’s just not possible,” he said. “Keep social distancing. Keep wearing a mask. Use your common sense.”

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So for now, as King Murphy decides his next course of action, the subjects of New Jersey will have to wait and see what their punishment will be.


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