Trump to Announce Supreme Court Nominee On Saturday

WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald J. Trump has announced that he will be nominating a Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away last week.  The move comes as Democrats nationwide petition and continue to protest the notion that a sitting President could nominate a replacement against the now-deceased justice’s alleged dying last wish.  “I will be announcing my Supreme Court Nominee on Saturday, at the White House! Exact time TBA,” Trump said.

While Democrats cling on to a rumored last wish spoken by Ginsberg to her family during her final moments on earth, Ginsburg was also a supporter of the Constitutional rights of the sitting President.

“That’s their job,” Ginsburg said before her death in 2016 to the New York Times.  “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the President stops being the President during his last year.”

Trump said out of respect for Ginsburg, he will wait until funeral services for the fallen Justice to nominate her replacement.

“I look forward to considering and voting on President Trump’s nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy before the end of the year. If the President puts forward a nomination, the Senate has the authority to provide advice and consent and I take this role very seriously,” said U.S. Senator James Lankford.  “Confirming a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year when the White House and Senate majority are of the same party is consistent with precedent.”



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