Dead Voters Receiving Mail-In Ballots Across New Jersey Ahead of Election

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Bring out your dead!  The dead are now receiving mail-in election ballots in New Jersey, so are people who haven’t lived at an address in years, sometimes decades, if ever at all.  One New Jersey Mayor, Carlos Rendo of Woodcliff Lake, who ran for Lt. Governor in 2017 today sounded the alarm.

“Well, it’s bound to happen,” Rendo said. “Dead people have started to receive their ballots. I believe that the NJGOP is gathering the evidence for a possible injunction.”

All across New Jersey reports are coming in as more ballots are being sent out. Some homes are receiving multiple ballots for a mix of dead, alive and “never lived there” recipients.

William Hayden, president of the Skylands Tea Party said he received five ballots at his home.

“Two people living in a house, and five ballots……and worse yet, the other three have never lived here………someone has some explaining to do.”

In Ocean County, reports are coming in bulk about families receiving ballots for deceased loved ones.  According to a county official, a prominent chief of police received a ballot for his son who passed away many years ago.

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“The inaccurate voter records that are part of the database of the Statewide Voter Registration System is one of many reasons why some County election officials, including myself, and various other elected officials urged the Governor and the Legislature to not mandate a mostly Vote by Mail election,” said Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella.  “I advocated to the Governor’s office that County Clerks should have been directed to send all registered voters an Application to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot – rather than mandating that we universally send a Vote by Mail Ballot to all registered voters due to the fact that some of the registered voter data is not accurate.”

Colaballa said anyone receiving a Vote by Mail ballot addressed to a deceased voter or a voter that no longer resides in Ocean County to contact the Ocean County Board of Elections at (732) 929 -2167.  The Board of Elections cannot unilaterally revise voter registration records without receiving pertinent documentation and notification.

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Doug Steinhardt, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican party said he and party leaders saw this coming when Murphy announced an all vote-by-mail election.

“It’s outrageous,” Steinhardt said. “Governor Murphy failed New Jersey voters again.  He rushed through an all vote-by-mail scheme without the most basic safeguards or addressing even perfunctorily, the state’s antiquated, and in some cases decades old voter roles.”

Shore News Network readers are also bringing their stories to light.

“My parent’s house in NJ received two mail-in ballots addressed in my name, an address and state I haven’t been registered to vote for years,” said Abby Peraria. “Here’s the kicker though. I was a resident and registered to vote in a completely different state. Making it only legal for me to vote only in that state. However I have moved to a completely different state about a year ago and was having all of my mail forwarded to my new address. As of this month ago, I registered to vote in the state I currently reside in. Yet again, negating all other state registrations.”

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“My daughter received a primary ballot at her former in-laws here in NJ. She is in NC and is a resident and a registered voter there. She never lived with her in-laws, so it was never her address,” said Carrie Efinger.

“My wife received two ballots under her former and current last names. Each had a different voter id#, and both show as valid in the government’s voter registration site, so both are actually valid registrations,” said Patrick Egan.

“Yep my daughter has never lived in my new house I’m only here 4 years we downsized my daughter is married 17 years but yet she gets a ballot here how in the hell does that happen?” asked Monica Gilbert.



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