New Jersey Lawmaker Says Her Sister Who Moved to Texas 16 Years Ago Got Mail-In Ballot

Holly Schepisi, a New Jersey assemblywoman who represents the 39th District in the state Assembly today said her sister Rory, who moved out of New Jersey 16 years ago, received a mail-in ballot to vote in the November election.  This comes as today, a mail carrier was arrested for throwing away mail-in ballots and after ballot printing errors across New Jersey have impacted thousands of voters.

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“To be clear I am not against people having the ability to properly and safely voting by mail in New Jersey if they choose to do so. What I am against is a half-cocked plan that has no checks and balances,” Schepisi posted on Facebook.  “Today my sister who has lived in Texas for 16 years received a New Jersey vote by mail ballot at my mother’s house. This is pure insanity and I don’t care about your political ideology these issues will impact on every close down-ballot race in this State. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never participated in the process.”