New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to defiant business owners: We Will Shut You Down!


TRENTON, NJ – If you’re a small business owner in New Jersey crushed by nearly 8 months of restrictions placed on your business by the administration of Governor Phil Murphy and you’re thinking about cutting a few corners, the governor has a message for you.

“We will shut you down,” Murphy said, saying business owners who do not follow his executive orders are a danger to their communities.

“When you act like a knucklehead, you show your true self, you show you don’t care about your community, you show you don’t care about your customers or your employees, you prove that you only care about yourself.”

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Murphy said most businesses in New Jersey are complying with his draconian orders which at times, are inconsistent with each other and what other areas of the country are doing.  Sometimes, his orders are inconsistent with the Center for Disease Control, based on foreign studies and hearsay.   This fall, Murphy shut down indoor bar services after bar workers in one Jersey Shore bar contracted COVID-19 outside of the workplace. In response to their illnesses, Murphy shut down bars statewide, even after it was revealed that his earlier information about the bar was in error.

This weekend, the state announced two bars in Paterson were shut down for illegal alcohol sales.  In Metuchen, the Brownstone bar was also cited for a Thanksgiving Day executive order.

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New Jersey Colonel Patrick Callahan said violating the executive orders is serious and deadly.

“Every day, countless restaurants and businesses are doing everything required to protect their staff and patrons, that kind of spirit is admirable and deeply, deeply appreciated,” Murphy said.

Murphy doubled down on his aggressive COVID-19 executive order enforcement on local businesses, saying he and law enforcement authorities will find you and will take action if you violate his executive orders.

“We simply will not tolerate those who think the rules are for everyone else but them. If you think we will shut you down, you are correct,” Murphy said. “You may think this is a game of cat and mouse that it’s kinda cute, but let’s be honest, it can be deadly.”

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Murph gonna get ya.

In the end, Murphy said if you break his rules, he will find you and you will be shut down.

“To those of you who still think you can make up your own rules, I have an unwelcome reality for you, we will shut you down,” Murphy said.