Angry, Unstable Boyfriend Threatened to Harm Ex-Girlfriend and Himself in Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, FL – A man had threatened a woman that he was going to hurt her and himself and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department sprung into action.  The woman told officers that her ex-boyfriend was on his way to her house to cause her harm.

“On February 1st, 2021, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female advising her ex-boyfriend was en route to her residence in the Rocky Creek area. The caller advised dispatch that the subject may be unstable and had made statements about harming her and then himself. She also stated that he has been known to carry a firearm,” the woman said. “As the Deputies were en route, a second call was received by the Sheriff’s Office advising the subject was at the residence and had broken a window out and fled the scene.”

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After Deputies left the scene to begin the process of investigating the call and preparing the documentation to apply for a warrant, a third call was received by the female.

“She advised that the subject was back at the residence, trying to break in. The caller then advised dispatch that the subject had gained entry into the residence and was trying to break down the bedroom door where she and another male subject were located,” the department said. “Upon Deputies’ arrival, the subject was located inside the residence and was taken into custody and transported to the Jackson County Correctional Facility to await the first appearance before the court.”