Why America’s most progressive liberal governor, Phil Murphy lives in a former slave owner’s mansion

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PRINCETON, NJ – The liberal left in America went on a crusade of cancel culture in 2020, including the destruction of monuments of slave owners, Civil War generals, and even modern Americans who may, or may not have been racist.  In New Jersey, the liberal left took action against Christopher Columbus.  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in July went as far as saying he agrees with the need to abolish Columbus Day but said he will leave that choice up to the local towns and mayors.

Later in the year, Murphy abolished the term “Freeholder” for members of the twenty-one county governing bodies, renaming them “commissioners”.  That was because the term “Freeholder” was borne out of the days of slavery when only free white men who held land could serve as elected county “Freeholders”.

Yet, one monument to New Jersey’s dark past in slavery remains…and each night one of America’s most progressive liberal Governors goes to bed inside of it.

The official residence of the Governor of State of New Jersey is a plantation home built by colonial slave owner Richard Stockton.  Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Stockton’s plantation home. It’s called Drumthwacket.

Richard Stockton’s ownership of slaves has never been in denial.  In fact, Stockton University, which also carries its namesake has also been pardoned and given a pass by cancel culture.

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“It is difficult to reconcile that while a new nation was founded on principles of liberty and equality almost twenty percent of the population lived in bondage. But that they did so is not in question. Indeed, most of the signers of the Declaration enslaved people,” a biography about Richard Stockton reads on the university’s website. “When he died in 1781, and despite assertions during his lifetime, Stockton did not free the people that he owned.”

“And whereas I have heretofore mentioned to some of my negroe slaves, that upon condition of their good behavior & fidelity, I would in some convenient period grant them their freedom—this I must leave to the discretion of my wife, in whose judgment & prudence I can fully confide,” Stockton wrote about his slaves in his will.

This isn’t a call for cancel culture to attack Phil Murphy or Drumthwacket.  We’re just pointing out that cancel culture is politically motivated and will allow a former slave plantation owner’s home to be the official residence of the Governor of New Jersey, but they will take to the streets to tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus, call for the host of the Bachelor to get fired and other countless acts of senseless aggression.