Palm Bay Police Officer’s Car Struck by Drunk Driver

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PALM BAY, FL – A Palm Bay police officer was struck from behind while driving in his patrol car.  Police said there were no injuries reported, but the driver of the other car was charged for DUI.

“As you know, getting behind the wheel under the influence can lead to several bad things like causing a crash, seriously injuring or killing an innocent person and their family, or getting pulled over and risk going to jail causing you thousands of dollars in legal fees and having a criminal record,” the Palm Bay Police Department said. “In this case, a driver crashed into a police vehicle which just so happened to be an officer assigned to the D.U.I. Team. Luckily, everyone was ok, and both vehicles sustained minimal damage. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the police vehicle was caught operating the vehicle with an open container and charged with driving under the influence.”

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