Pennsylvania Police Officer Caught at Capitol Riot “Gives Zero Sh-ts”

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NORTH CORNWALL TOWNSHIP, PA – Joseph Fischer, a patrolman with the North Cornwall Township Police Department has been charged for his involvement in the January 6th protest and incursion at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

According to federal investigators, Fischer bragged about his role in the incursion through a fictitious Facebook account called SV Spindrift.

Investigators subpoenaed Facebook and found the account was registered to an email address belonging to Fischer.  It also contained a photograph of Fischer.  After receiving Fischer’s email address and cell phone number from Facebook, the Department of Justice investigator then pulled Fischer’s email and phone records which contained texts and photos Fischer sent and took respectively at the January 6th incursion.

“there was some minor destruction and a few things were stolen … but 98% peaceful.. I was there..we pushed police back about 25 feet. Got pepper balled and OC sprayed , but entry into the Capital was needed to send a message that we the people hold the real power,” Fischer wrote.

On January 7th, Fischer found out that he had been found out and feared the FBI would soon arrest him after being spoken to by his police chief about the investigation.

SV Spindrift (Fischer): Well I may need a job …
SV Spindrift (Fischer): Word got out that I was at the rally..lol
Facebook User-1: Are you serious?
Facebook User-1: Who the hell told your work? One of your friends?
Facebook User-1: That’s bullshit
SV Spindrift (Fischer): Yeah .. and the FBI may arrest me ..lol
SV Spindrift (Fischer): >>>>Bail<<<<<<
Facebook User-1: Are you shitting me? This is a joke right?
Facebook User-1: You’re fucking around
Facebook User-1: I seen a lot of people online getting arrested but slapped with a trespassing
SV Spindrift (Fischer): No.. havnt seen FBI yet .. but I know they are targeting police who went
Facebook User-1: Did your job say something to you?
SV Spindrift (Fischer): Yep…. chief did
SV Spindrift (Fischer): I told him if that is the price I have to pay to voice my freedom and
liberties which I was born with and thusly taken away then then must be the price…
SV Spindrift (Fischer): .. I told him I have no regrets and give zero shits
SV Spindrift (Fischer): Sometimes doing the right thing no matter how small is more important
than ones own security.

On January 7, 2021, Fischer posted a 2 minute and 43-second video on Facebook which showed the recorder of the video walking amongst crowds of people toward an entrance to a building, eventually entering the building. The video was accompanied with the text “Made it inside … received pepper balls and pepper-sprayed. The police line was 4 deep .. I made it to level two … ”

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At about the 50-second mark of the video, it appears that the recorder begins yelling “Charge!” Towards the end of the video, the recorder sta1ted charging towards a line of police officers while appearing to shout “Hold the Line” and “Motherfuckers”. The recorder had a physical encounter with at least one police officer. The recording device seemed to fall to the ground, possibly as a result of the physical encounter with the police. At least one individual could be seen on the ground. Before the end of the video, an individual could be here.·d shouting “Let him up … Let him up”.

Fischer has been charged with obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder, entering a restricted building, violent entry of U.S. Capitol grounds and obstruction of justice/congress.