Voyeuristic Photos of Trump Highlight the Unhinged Leftist Media and Possible Security Risk to Former President

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If you’re President Donald J. Trump, you know the left is always watching you. What you may not know is to what length the leftwing media is actually watching you. A disturbing photo shot by Reuters photographer Marco Antonio Bello shows just how far the unhinged left will go to grab a glimpse of the man they love to hate.

The photo was taken by Bello and posted to Twitter on February 8th.  The blurry news photo taken from behind bushes and trees and might not just be a creepy example of the liberal left, it might be even be a realistic security threat to the former president.  Imagine if Bello, an avid Trump hater was armed with a rifle instead of a camera.

It appears the Secret Service should start looking at building a wall around Mar-A-Lago to ensure the former President’s safety against the unhinged left.

The creepy images wouldn’t be as bad if this wasn’t the former President of the United States being stalked from behind bushes by the liberal left in his own backyard.

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