Gov. Murphy still waiting for ‘Quantum Leap’ increase in vaccines from Biden administration


TRENTON, NJ – Since January 21st, Governor Phil Murphy has been telling New Jersey residents there is a light at the end of the very narrow vaccination tunnel. The Governor said days after President Joe Biden took office that New Jersey’s vaccine shipments will experience a quantum leap under the new administration.

Two months later, it still hasn’t happened.

“Yeah, so it – personally it isn’t quite the quantum leap that I had anticipated, but it is certainly going in the right direction. The sense we’re getting – and it’s a sense from the feds – that that number is only going up,” the governor said. ” I think in fairness to them, they don’t want to give us some level and then not have the confidence that they could continue to meet that level week in and week out.”

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Murphy says COVID-19 vaccine card could be the ticket to your “New Normal”

In New Jersey, vaccinations have been hard to come by for many unless they want to invest countless days and nights calling facilities hour after hour and putting themselves in lines that move slower than the Motor Vehicle Commission.

With a national vaccine shortage in play, Biden recently announced that on May 1st, all Americans will be eligible for vaccines regardless of age or status. It’s not just Phil Murphy waiting for that quantum leap, it’s the entire country, but if you ask the President, of course, it’s all Donald J. Trump’s fault.

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Gov. Murphy socially distances himself away from COVID-19 passports

Biden has made many promises to increase dosages and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, but delays and long waits are occurring across the country, not just in New Jersey.

To date, New Jersey has administered first doses to 2.4 million residents. 1.31 million residents are now fully vaccinated.