Governor Murphy warns of large indoor and family gatherings on Easter, Passover

Jewish Family Celebrating Passover.Jewish man blessing on Matzah as they celebrate Seder. The feast is celebrated on the first night of Passover, holiday commemorating the Jews exodus from Egypt.

TRENTON, NJ – With the Jewish holiday of Seder coming this weekend, Governor Phil Murphy has issued a warning to observing Jewish residents to be mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic. This past winter Murphy gave similar guidance to Hannukah and Christmas family celebrations.

“To our Jewish community, as you prepare for Saturday evening Seder in the beginning of Passover, not only do we wish you a blessed and happy Passover, we urge you to remember this cannot be as in years past,” he said. “We are still in a pandemic, as we all know, and we cannot risk any family Seder from becoming an event where this virus spreads further.”

Murphy added that the rules are no different for Christians celebrating Easter.

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” By the way, we’ll have the exact same plea and instructions and warnings for those celebrating Easter a week from this weekend. To those celebrating, Passover, bless you. We wish you nothing but the very best, but please keep your Seder to just those in your immediate bubble this year so we can guarantee that we’ll be able to all gather together again next year.”

Murphy urges Jewish residents to hold their Seder outdoors if possible.

“We are completely confident we will be able to do that. If it is possible where you live, also consider moving your Seder outdoors. I believe, Pat, the weather will be warm for the next few days; a little bit of precipitation, but largely warm,” he said, providing a weekend weather forecast. “We know if you’re outside, we know you can gather more safely. This virus is less lethal outdoors than it is indoors. Again, to all who celebrate, blessings, and I wish you a Chag Pesach Sameach.”

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