Joe Biden has a real gun control problem and it starts with his son Hunter


You won’t find this report on CNN or MSNBC. You won’t hear President Joe Biden reference it in his next scripted press conference. You might even find some cable news outlets calling this story ‘irrelevant’ or ‘fake news’.

Joe Biden has a gun control problem and his problem doesn’t start with mass shootings, white supremacy or assault rifles. It starts with his own son Hunter.

Hunter Biden Fails to Report $400,000 of Income in Tax Returns, Accountant Says

Joe Biden is calling for more sensible gun control in America. What he means by sensible is taking away all of your guns at some point, leaving only the criminal element to possess guns.

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Criminals like his own son Hunter Biden who lied on a gun purchase transaction record where he committed a felony and lied on a form to obtain a firearm.

New York Post Hunter Biden Photos Claim to Show Before and After Dental Work to Fix “Meth Mouth”

“Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” the form asked.

Hunter Biden said “No”.

But the younger Biden’s history of drug use is well documented. Even President Biden talks about it and his alleged recovery. It’s what lead to him being discharged from the U.S. Navy reserves.

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While Dating Dead Brother’s Widow, Hunter Biden Fathered Baby in Arkansas With Another Woman

Joe Biden wants to tell the American people and American families who can and cannot have guns, but his own son, somebody who should not have a gun committed a felony to illegally obtain a gun. Worse, somehow Hunter Biden’s illegally obtained gun was found in a trash can…across the the street from a high school. It was eventually found in the trash can by a man who collects recyclables to sell.

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