Kamala Harris’ Swank $1.95 Million DC Condo unsurprisingly cold and uninviting


WASHINGTON, DC – Vice President Kamala Harris is ditching her swank $1.95 million D.C. condo as she prepares for life as the V.P. She now lives in the newly renovated Vice President’s Residence after living in the President’s Guest House since January.

Unsurprisingly her D.C. condo that she lived in as a U.S. Senator is cold, uninviting, sterile, clinical and has absolutely no personal warmth or touches within its 1,731 square feet. On the bright side, the purchase is a blank canvas for somebody with some home improvement and decorating inspiration to start from scratch.

The two-bedroom, 2 bath unit features cold white bathrooms, a cold white kitchen, and cold contractor-grade white painted bedrooms. It’s in the prestigious and pompous “Westlight Condominium Building”.

Take a look…

Ultra modern, ultra-white kitchen in Kamala Harris’ D.C. condo perfect for an aspiring couple with no children and no personality whatsoever.
The only warm feature of the master bedroom is the electric baseboard heater along the wall in this contractor white room.
For white lovers, there’s white subway tile in the bathroom, but the toilet comes complete with a bidet.
The bathroom features more clinical white cabinetry and enough mirrors for the vain person who buys it to admire themselves. The bathroom rounds out this completely unassuming $1.8 million residence.

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