Biden administration seizes family farm in order to continue building Trump’s border wall

Old windmill near tree on a farm in Texas. Stock Photo.

The administration of President Joe Biden says it isn’t going to continue building President Donald J. Trump’s border wall between Mexico and the U.S., but the Department of Justice is continuing to seize land from Texas landowners to build the wall.

The U.S. government seized six acres of land from a Hildago County, Texas family in order to continue building the wall.

“I’m … very, very disappointed in Joe Biden. I thought he was a man of his word but apparently he’s not keeping his word,” Reynaldo “Rey” Anzaldua Cavazos, a member of the family whose land was taken, told POLITICO. “He said not one more foot of wall and no land forfeitures. We took him at his word and we want him to keep his word.”

Politico reported, “Biden said in an interview a few months before the November election that he would not only not build “another foot of wall” but he would end those eminent domain cases, too.”

In this case, he never dropped the case and the family has lost their land.

In August, the President said, “End. Stop. Done. Over. Not going to do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We’re out. We’re not going to confiscate the land.”

Source: Politico

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