Phil Murphy says New Jersey students will likely have to ‘mask up’ in September


TRENTON, NJ – In the 1980s hit Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back, Lando Calrissian said of Darth Vader’s ever-changing agreement with the leader of Bespin, the Cloud City was getting worse each time the Sith Lord changed the arrangements.

“This deal’s getting worse all the time,” Calrissian said in frustration.

Now, just hours after declaring the end of the mask mandate for vaccinated New Jerseyans, New Jersey’s Sith Lord Governor Phil Murphy dropped a proton bomb on public education and millions of parents and schoolchildren.

Murphy said while he expects schools to be fully in-person in the fall, but says students will probably continue wearing face masks throughout the upcoming school year.

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“We’ll put guidance out, my guess is next month for what school looks like in the fall,” Murphy said. “My guess is, if I had to bet today that we’ll have masking in schools in the fall as result of that.”