Who won the 2020 election? It depends which New Jersey candidate for governor you ask


TRENTON, NJ – When it comes to former U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the 2020 election front runner GOP candidates for governor in New Jersey Hirsh Singh and Jack Ciattarelli are on different ends of the debate.

In a debate hosted by New Jersey 101.5, host Eric Scott asked the question, “Who won the 2020 presidential election?”

Hirsh Singh, of Atlantic County said very clearly that he believes Democrats stole the 2020 election from the American people. He should know, because he also sued the State of New Jersey and Governor Phil Murphy for illegally changing election laws prior to the election, in the name of COVID-19.

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“That was Donald Trump by far. That was the election fraud of 2020,” Singh said. “States changed their rules. We all know Trump won, this is something without a doubt…why would Jack Ciattarelli say Joe Biden won fair and square?”

Ciattarelli responded by affirming his belief that the 2020 Presidential election was completely legitimate and without any fraud or wrongdoing. Ciattarelli said Trump’s lawyers and the former President never provided solid evidence and their cases were thrown out of court.

“Joe Biden is our President,” Ciattarelli said.