Top Jersey Democrat Steve Sweeney: Hirsh Singh is Donald Trump on steroids


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Larry Mendte, host of Jersey Matters says something fascinating is happening in the 2021 Republican primary election. Once thought to be smooth sailing for GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli who has managed to secure the establishment party line in all 21 New Jersey counties, it’s now a tight race.

Mendte said, “That’s not the case, it’s tightened up, he now has to spend money to fight back Hirsh Singh who nobody really saw coming and it seems like the determining factor in this is support for Donald Trump.”

New Jersey’s top Democrat Steve Sweeney agreed. “One-thousand percent. You know Larry, you’re seeing it nationally, you’re seeing the Republican party right now is the party of Donald Trump,” the New Jersey Senate Leader said. “Donald Trump has gotten stronger and you know, Hirsh Singh is Trump on steroids and Ciattarelli was never that strong in support of Trump’s policies.”

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Sweeney said in some poll’s Singh is now leading Jack Ciattarelli.

“It’s interested that Jack is going to have to spend money in a primary,” Sweeney added. “Jack’s a friend of mine. It’s really interesting that he’s spending money he could probably use in the general, but you gotta win the primary to be in the general.”

Ciattarelli is facing severe Republican backlash in New Jersey for calling the former President “A charlatan who is unfit to be President.”

Despite winning the nomination statewide by the GOP, Trump has yet to announce an endorsement in next week’s election, a troubling signal for Ciattarelli and a hopeful indication for his opponent, Hirsh Singh.

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