Black woman threatened with jail for talking too loud on her phone


Eastpointe, MI – A black woman who lives in Eastpointe was threatened to be put in jail because she was talking too loud on her phone in the neighborhood. Diamond Robinson was walking along her street talking loudly on her phone when her neighbor asked her to shush or hang up.

Robinson said the woman asked ‘Do you think that you can get off your phone or talk lower.’

“One of those things she said,” Robinson said. “And I said ‘Get out of my face,’ and I proceeded to walk past her. She is saying whatever she is saying,  three minutes later, Eastpointe police pulls up.”

Fox 2 News

When police showed up, Robinson started recording the engagement live on Facebook. Three cops responded and said she was being obnoxious and rude. Officers asked Robinson to tell them where she lives and to go in her house, but she refused.

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“So, I can go to jail for being too loud?” she asked officers. “You show me a law that says I can’t talk on my phone.”

Officers told her to stop being negative. She said she feels she was targeted because she was black. She was issued a $400 citation.