Federal judge overturns California assault weapon ban, a perfect tool for home defense


CALIFORNIA – The United States District Court of Southern California has issued a reversal of California’s assault weapon ban, in a court filing that claims an AR-15 rifle, like a Swiss Army Knife, is a perfect combination of home defense and homeland defense.

“The end of the road is here. AWCA fails intermediate scrutiny because it lacks a reasonable fit. It is a continuing failed experiment which does not achieve its objectives of preventing mass shootings or attacks on law enforcement officers. The evidence suggests it has made no difference at all,” the Where it has made a large difference is on the lives of numerous law-abiding citizens who would make, buy, and use these prohibited weapons for home defense and militia readiness, but for the threat of severe criminal punishments. A reasonable fit would, at the very least, include a broad exception for home defense. A reasonable fit would, at the very least, also recognize an exception for maintaining an AR-15 type rifle for militia readiness. But today there are no such exceptions. Thus, it burdens substantially more protected activity than is necessary to further the state’s goals.

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