Abandoned dog found on the street has the most hilarious talent


A Pittie found abandoned on a street in Arizona was hungry and thirsty. It was over 100 degrees outside. Kristen couldn’t leave him out in the heat so she brought him home. She cleaned him up and he immediately jumped into bed with her and made himself right at home.

The next morning she brought him to the shelter to see if anyone had claimed him, but no one did. Mo was very sad and confused at the shelter. After the three day hold Kristen decided she couldn’t live without him so she decided to adopt Mo. As she brought him home, he was so excited he began to scream.. like a person!

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At first Kristen didn’t know what to make of Mo’s sounds but eventually she realized that it was because he was happy and excited. Now Mo and Kristen have the best life, together!

Watch this adorable story below.