New Jersey is tracking your vaccination status, not just COVID-19 Persichilli hints

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TRENTON, NJ – Did you know the state of New Jersey’s Department of Health keeps a database of who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t been vaccinated? We’re not just talking about COVID-19 vaccinations, we’re talking about other vaccinations.

The state has released a COVID-19 vaccination passport this week, but now, Judith Persichilli, the commissioner over at the Department of Health said that app will soon be expanded to track all of your vaccinations and remind you if you are in need of a vaccination.

The “Docket” app, released by Governor Phil Murphy this week will soon include all of your vaccination records, Persichilli said. That raises the frightening prospect for many in New Jersey that the state maintains a more complete vaccination database that will soon be published online, vulnerable to hackers and stirring a range of constitutional concerns.

“As the Governor mentioned, in an effort to expand consumer access to immunization records, the Department is launching the NJ Docket app. Individuals who were vaccinated in the state and have an email or phone number on file with the New Jersey Immunization Information System known as NJIIS can access their COVID-19 vaccination record using the app,” Persichilli said. “The app will be helpful to those who perhaps have lost their vaccination card or it got damaged or want quick access to their record. Docket will improve the ease and turnaround time for those who want a copy of their COVID-19 immunization history.”

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Persichilli said that app will soon include all vaccination records.

“The app currently only displays COVID-19 vaccination details. However, future plans include expanding access for other full immunization histories,” she said. “If a resident received COVID-19 vaccine out of state, their records may not be available in NJIIS. However, the Department is working to obtain records for New Jersey residents vaccinated in other states.”