New Jersey “Cleaning Fairy” accidentally broke into and cleaned the wrong house


CHERRY HILL, NJ – Louis Angelino III who holds a full-time job spends his free time cleaning his friends’ houses, earning him the name, “The Cleaning Fairy”. Last month, he wanted to clean a friend’s messy home but instead cleaned the home of Beth Motzel, who was shocked when she walked through her front door.

“So I cleaned my friend’s apartment for extra money and he tells me one of his co-workers wants me to clean his apartment,” Angelino said. “I got there today and he tells me there’s a key under the mat.”

So he got the key and cleaned the entire apartment. Then he received a call from the person whose house he was supposed to clean and they asked him where he was.

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“I’m in your living room playing with your cats,” he told them.

“I don’t have a cat,” the caller replied.

It was then that Angelino realized he broke into somebody’s apartment and cleaned it.


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