Ciattarelli doesn’t stand for anal sex in the classroom


When it comes to teaching middle school students about anal sex, New Jersey GOP candidate for governor Jack Ciattarelli says he won’t stand for it.

Ciattarelli penned an op-ed this week saying why he won’t get behind anal sex education and can’t swallow oral sex in the state’s educational curriculum.

Shore News was one of the first news outlets in New Jersey to report on Phil Murphy’s new anal sex curriculum.

“In my travels, one issue that comes up repeatedly with parents — Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike — are the changes to the public-school curriculum pushed by Gov. Phil Murphy. Changes that now require kindergarteners to learn about gender identification and sexual orientation and middle school kids to know about vaginal, anal and oral sex,” Ciattarelli said. “Some of these changes were pushed through and enacted during a global pandemic when people were, understandably, distracted.”

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Ciattarelli claims murphy slipped it in when people were distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic, business closures and financial uncertainty in 2020. Essentially, nobody was looking when the Murphy administration rammed it all through the state legislature.

“Parents aren’t just concerned and frustrated. They’re also angry about an infringement of their rights as parents to educate their children about life’s most personal topics and then being shamed when they dare speak up,” Ciattarelli said. “Can you blame them? Murphy’s support for these changes to the public-school curriculum is extreme and out of touch with the overwhelmingly majority of New Jersey residents.”

Ciattarelli said most New Jersey kindergartners can’t even tie their own shoes, now Murphy expects them to grasp concepts like gender identity and explicit sex acts they typically only hear when mom and dad don’t realize they’re in the same room with their kids.

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Expecting kindergarteners who can’t even tie their own shoes to grasp the complexity of gender identity and mandating that middle-school students be taught about explicit sexual acts when they are barely teenagers isn’t just extreme. It’s dangerous. It’s also an attempt by Murphy and the state to supplant the role and responsibility of parents.

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