Suspect charged with Grand Theft Auto had active murder warrant


MARTIN COUNTY, FL – A car thief was caught by Martin County deputies after stopping for lunch, the Sheriff’s office said today.

:”When you steal a car on the Treasure Coast, you’re usually asking for a bad day. When you cruise through Martin County in that stolen car, you are moving closer and closer to that bad day. When the Captain and Lieutenant of MCSO’s Criminal Investigations Division are in the same place at the same time as you in that stolen car… have officially achieved a very bad day,” the department said in a statement.

Officers said 28-year old Dewayne Dnauon, of Broward County, told investigators he stole the car from St. Lucie County, then made a quick stop at a Martin County restaurant.

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“He never imagined that the box lunch he was about to get consisted of Captain John Cummings and Lt. Ruben Romero boxing his vehicle in that parking spot,” the office said.

Captain Cummings and Lt. Romero responded to a BOLO (Be On the Look-out) locating the stolen vehicle in the plaza parking lot.

“If you’re wondering if Dnauon’s day could get any worse, it did. While processing the suspect’s information, detectives discovered he is wanted in Broward County for attempted murder,” the department said. “On the menu for Dewayne Dnauon was a #WrongExit special pinched between two patrol trucks, with two of our most seasoned criminal investigators on the side.”

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Dnauon was charged with auto theft and driving without a license. Detectives from Broward County were contacted and are working with Martin County Detectives. Dnauon was transported to the Martin County Jail without bond. He will be taken to Broward County to face the attempted murder charges.

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