Murphy says infected migrants causing COVID-19 outbreak is “tinfoil hat stuff”

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This week, Texas saw its first case of the Lambda variant, which originated in Peru. Last week, 1,500 unvaccinated and infected migrants were released into the town of McAllister, Texas. According to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, none of that is contributing to the increased numbers of delta and lambda variants across the country as migrants pass through the U.S. immigration process without COVID-19 testing or vaccinations.

Not only that, he blames the leaders of Texas who have issued emergency disaster declarations as the ones who are killing Americans, joining the Democrat narrative that unvaccinated Republicans are the ones spreading the virus.

They’re making people sick, and in some cases they’re killing people. Other people are irresponsibly repeating stuff that they’re hearing as though it’s true. I’m not getting political, but the people I’m running against started repeating this ridiculous Fox News narrative that the reason why COVID is raging in Texas and other places like that is because illegal immigrants are coming over the border, encouraged by this president with COVID and then being put on buses and sent to states,” Murphy said. “That’s like tinfoil hat stuff. Let’s call the balls and strikes as we see them. If you hear something that’s crazy like that, be responsible. Don’t repeat that, in addition to calling out the person who said it.”

The White House last week said migrants crossing the border are only given PPE and are only tested if they exhibited signs of COVID-19. The federal agencies then send infected patients into the care of prvate entities such as Catholic Charities. They are given hotel rooms and asked to quarantine, but many do not.

The rest are allowed to pass through the border without receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, yet Murphy wants every New Jerseyan to receive a vaccination while welcoming unvaccinated illegal migrants into his state with open arms.