17 Essex County Cops cited in Attorney General’s “Major Discipline Report”


NEWARK, NJ – Disciplinary measures taken against law enforcement officers in New Jersey have been off-limits to the public, but now, a new directive issued by the Attorney General’s Office is forcing police departments to report police disciplinary measures to the state.

After months of back and forth, former New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal’s “ Major Discipline Reporting Report ” report for 2020 has finally been released.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Major Discipline Reporting Report, also known as the “bad cop” report has been released. The release of the report was criticized from its inception.

AG Directive 2021-6 required all New Jersey law enforcement agencies to submit to the Attorney General their first “Major Discipline Reporting Report,” which covered discipline imposed between June 15, 2020, and December 31, 2020.  “Major discipline” is defined as terminations, reductions in rank, or suspension of more than five days.  Below is a listing of the reported major discipline for the second half of 2020.   In the future, law enforcement agencies will report major discipline on January 31 for the preceding calendar year.

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The 92-page report details about one hundred police officers who faced internal disciplinary measures for violations of the law or department ethics and policy guidelines. Many fear the report will be used as a tool to launch attacks against police officers and the profession. The report contains incidents between June 15, 2020, and December 31, 2020.

The report, released by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office that was the brainchild of former Attorney General Gurbir Grewal was controversial from the start. The report, criticized by police unions and even many residents of New Jersey identifies all officers who have faced disciplinary charges that were kept from the public purview until now.

Here are the Essex County cops cited in this report:

Essex County Corrections Officer Elie Chalet was terminated from employment for Conduct Unbecoming. Officer Chalet pleaded guilty to charges of Terroristic threats, Aggravated assault, and Possession of Prohibited Weapons.

Essex County Corrections Officer was terminated from employment for Conduct Unbecoming. The Officer was found to have used the Federal Family Leave Act (FMLA) fraudulently.

Fairfield Police Sergeant Christopher Niemiec was suspended for 20 days for mishandling his department-issued service weapon.

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Irvington Police Sergeant Leah Edrington was suspended immediately after failing a random drug test and subsequently terminated for the police dept.

Irvington Police Sergeant Walter Williams was suspended for 10 days for exhibiting a sick pattern.

Irvington Police Sergeant Ajah Dobson was suspended for 10 days for exhibiting a sick pattern.

Irvington Police Sergeant Albern Jean-Simo was suspended 30 days for failure to generate a DV report/review or collect evidence/Conduct towards the public/neglect of duty.

Livingston Police Officer Christopher Wagner was suspended for 35 days for Conduct Unbecoming/ Submersive to good order. Failure to Comply with Chief’s orders. Fighting/Quarreling with other Members of The Department. Removing Documents without permission.

Maplewood Police Sgt. James DeFazio was suspended for 26 days for misconduct. Sgt. DeFazio attempted to interfere in a township investigation.

Maplewood Police Officer William Isetts was suspended for 12 days for failure to de-escalate an arrest incident. Officer was not in compliance with Dept. uniform policy. Officer Isetts also received a Performance Notice.

Newark Police Officer Maurice McKelvin was suspended for 10 days after he failed to take police action while witnessing an off-duty police officer involved in a physical altercation.

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Newark Police Officer Sean Lake was suspended for 15 days when he conducted a motor vehicle stop in which he acted unprofessionally and issued the driver five summonses.

Newark Police Officer Yves Zogba was suspended for 10 days for failing to obtain consent of search from a homeowner during recovery of a weapon used in an assault.

Newark Police Officer James Allen was suspended for 10 days after he failed to take police action while witnessing an off-duty police officer involved in a physical altercation.

Newark Police Officer Kerwin Lovo was suspended for six days after he struck a fire hydrant with a marked patrol unit during an accident

Newark Police Officer Richard Pacelli was suspended for 30 days after he discharged a chemical agent against a prisoner inside the emergency room of a hospital.

West Orange Police Officer Daniel Carroll was charged with Conduct Unbecoming in regards to violating agency directives. Specifically by displaying improper demeanor towards a civilian and issuing a summons in retaliation. He was suspended for 85 days.