Couple frantically try to save abandoned Lab As Tropical Storm approaches


On a security camera, a couple saw a dog every night wandering around their front yard looking for food. After a few days of watching him, they decided to give him food and water. The dog was very afraid of people so this was going to be a difficult endeavor to earn his trust.

Every night the man would sit on the ground and offer him treats. He got closer and closer but still wouldn’t let him near him.

The weather forecast called for a tropical storm coming so that night the man watched as the dog went back to his safe area. It was right in the woods where any tree could fall and would offer him no shelter.

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They devised a plan, and with a little work and many treats, they were able to secure the dog in their fenced-in yard and the dog was safe from the storm.

After fostering the lab for a while, they decided it would be better for the dog to have a permanent home. Their neighbor wanted to adopt him so it was a great fit. The Lab thrived in his forever home and a few months later got a visit from the couple who saved him.

Watch this sweet story below.