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Lawlessness in Oregon as police powerless, blocked from putting criminals in jail

KEIZER, OR – Oregon was once one of the most desirable and beautiful states in America. Now. under the control of liberal progressive Democrats, it’s a lawless haven for criminals where police turn a blind eye to most minor crimes, even when that crime is an organized ring of shoplifters targeting the local Lowes.

They know the police won’t charge them. They know they won’t go to jail and the Keizer Police Department even admitted they won’t be arrested even if they were caught.

The perpetrators were caught red-handed on video, but store employees and the police are the ones handcuffed in Oregon because state laws and the state justice system will never deliver justice to the victims of the crime.

“Once you’ve stolen from Lowe’s once and know they can’t stop you, there’s no real consequence,” Keizer Police Lt. Andrew Copeland said, noting employees at many chain stores aren’t allowed to stop shoplifters. “Second thing is, these people know they can’t go to jail.”

Keizer said the most that will happen to them is that they will receive a summons as jails are not taking inmates due to COVID-19. Before COVID-19, Oregon’s relaxed stance on criminals under the state’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative has led to less incarcerations statewide. That initiative is meant to lower prison populations and give more people a chance to avoid prison.

“I think these guys have done it before because they seemed to have a good system. One guy with the car and two guys with the carts. They knew no one was going to touch them,” said Andrew Sullivan, the man who recorded the theft on his phone.


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