Stop calling her “Princess” moms and dads warned about offensive, harmful language


If you’re a mom or dad who absolutely loves your daughter, you might have been guilty of calling her princess on more than a few occasions. You might have even been guilty once or twice of calling some adorably cute baby in the supermarket princess.

Now, liberal America is telling parents that calling a girl princess is not only offensive, but it’s also damaging to their health.

“If you have a daughter, then you need to stop calling her princess,” a female TikTok user posted. “Instead, call her scientist, engineer or doctor.”

“My daughter’s father called her princess yesterday and I had to lecture him, because we do not use that term in this house,” she said. “Even my own sisters call her princess and I tell them don’t call her that. Maybe I come across as controlling, I think it’s a very horrible word.”

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Did you notice how she twice gender identified the baby’s other maternal unit? Shame on her.

We reached out to her husband for comment today and he simply responded, “Nope. Nuh-uh.”

The anti-princess movement dates back to 2017 when the left-wing media outlet Huffington Post issued an edict to it’s readers, “Stop calling her princess“.

“Starting almost as soon as they leave the womb, kids are realizing that they will be judged by how they look. Hair, clothes, bodies, even very young children are used as models. Models give us something to aim for, right?” the Huffington post reported. “Watch your words at the grocery store or the mall. It’s so natural to call a stranger’s child “Princess” or praise the curly hair or cool shoes on a neighbor’s little one. Want kids to grow up valuing their own inner beauty? Then we as adults need to look for it, and ignore (yes, ignore!) the external features. Build self-esteem by praising something over which a child has some control!”

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Author Elizabeth Broadbent agrees, she said you need to stop calling girls princesses, because they are not. None of them are.

“Moms, don’t call your daughter a princess. Your daughter isn’t a princess. The Princess Industrial Complex notwithstanding, unless you’re the Duchess of Cambridge, your daughter isn’t actually the offspring of royalty born to untold riches and privilege,” Broadbent said.

When she hears moms call their daughters “princess”, she admits that her eyelids start to twitch and she’s forced to choke down a sigh. Completely normal behavior when eavesdropping on strangers, another thing people probably should stop doing.

Here are some other words the left says you should immediately stop using to refer to your baby daughter: baby doll, cutie, sweety, honey, baby girl, jellybean, little girl, peep and little one.

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While you’re at it, make sure you’re properly using the he, she and they pronouns properly at an early age so you don’t cause any further lifelong damage to your child.

The left…it’s the best place in the whole world to people watch.