Dr. Fauci warns “fully vaccinated” could soon mean three shots, not two

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If you think you are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus with your two-shot regiment from Pfizer or Moderna, think again. According to Biden Administration immunology expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, “ultimately” the definition of “fully vaccinated” will mean those Americans who have had their third shot, a booster shot, maybe more.

With the latest Covid-19 surge upending American life yet again, an official rollout of booster doses could begin within weeks, pending FDA authorization. And it’s likely that three doses of the vaccine are needed for full protection, Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

Fact-Checker reference: CNN

Fauci did not say how or when the government would change the legal and clinical definition of “fully vaccinated” from two to three or even more jabs.

“What we did not fully appreciate is what the durability of that (two shot regimen) would be,” Fauci said in an interview with the Atlantic. “The clinical phenomenon is the thing you need to pay attention to, and that’s what we’re seeing a strong suggestion of in the United States, a profound indication of this in Isreal that over time, protection against hospitalization was going down.”

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“What we’re starting to see now and fully appreciate is that is likely for a real complete regimen that you would need at least a third dose,” Fauci said. “Does that mean we have to boost people every single year? We don’t know that now.”

“Having said that, I’ve made it clear that my opinion has always been that I believe that a third-shot booster for a two-dose mRNA [vaccine] should ultimately and will ultimately be the proper, complete regimen. The vaccine is very successful. The durability of it is something that’s a subject of considerable discussion and sometimes debate,” he told The Atlantic.

While you may be one of the fully vaccinated elite in America, free to attend concerts, eat dinner in New York City, travel on airplanes, teach in a school, serve in the military, work for the U.S. border patrol, for a company with one hundred or more employees, or the federal government, your status could be subject to change in the future.

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It is safe to say that the opinions of Dr. Fauci are held in high regard at the Biden White House and the Centers for Disease Control, but it’s not certain whether or not Biden and Democrats have the political wear with all to reset the vaccination status of the entire country.