Major Dem PAC blames Trump, Republicans for Joe Biden’s downward spiral

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WASHINGTON, DC – The MoveOn PAC, a Democrat PAC that funnels millions of dollars into the campaigns of Democrats nationwide today has blamed former U.S. President Donald Trump and the Republican party for President Joe Biden’s historic downward slide.

Biden has been embroiled in countless crises including the border crisis, Afghanistan, COVID-19 and his inability to rally his party around his $3.5 trillion Build Back Better agenda.

MoveOn said Trump is actively engaged in fundraising for a 2024 campaign and is working to undermine the Biden administration.

“The news of Trump’s impending run comes at the same time that Republican attacks have forced President Biden’s approval rating to plummet to 43% nationwide and 37% among independent voters in the latest Gallup poll,” MoveOn said, asking supporters to send them money to fight the former President. “We don’t mean to alarm you, but this should be a wake-up call.”

“ Political Action is a federal political action committee (PAC) which primarily helps members elect candidates who reflect our member’s values through a variety of activities aimed at influencing the outcome of elections,” MoveOn says about itself. “We are focused on running powerful progressive advocacy campaigns and demonstrating MoveOn members’ power at the ballot box. In contrast to most PACs which funnel industry contributions to candidates in exchange for access, Political Action bundles hundreds of thousands of small donations together to elect progressive candidates who will represent the American people. In fact, the average donation to Political Action is less than $20.”

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