Report: Nancy Pelosi has tripled her wealth in just three years, now people are taking notice

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Since becoming the most powerful woman once again in Congress, Nancy Pelosi’s wealth has ‘skyrocketed’, according to a Fox News report by Jesse Waters, host of “Waters World”.

Last week, we reported on how stock traders and brokers are closely watching the stock moves of Pelosi and her husband Paul, looking for the next big trade that could make themselves and their clients hit it big.

Now, the CEO of a stock trading app says he keeps close tabs on Pelosi’s stock moves, according to an article in Yahoo! Finance.

 “We’ve been tracking their performance and every single stock she has bought in the last two years has gone up significantly,” Christopher Josephs, cofounder of Iris, told Yahoo Finance Live. The app allows its users to track the movers and shakers in the stock market world, even the potentially corrupt politicians.

Now, Waters has exposed Pelosi’s massive wealth production, even during the COVID-19 pandemic when many in America hit dire straits. Not the Pelosi, they continued to accumulate their riches. Her net worth climbe from $114 million in 2019 to a staggering $315 million in 2021.

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Waters says Pelosi is making her fortune from D.C. insider trading. Knowing what regulations and contracts are coming down the pike in D.C. allows her and her husband to make stock trades the average person might not.

“In 2007, Visa worried the new Democrat Congress would target their swipe fees, costing them billions. So they hired a team of lobbyists who descended on Pelosi,” Watters said. “Visa’s CEO personally met with her. She got donations from them. One of his advisers left and became a visa lobbyist himself.”

“Suddenly, Paul Pelosi got a phone call from his broker. He was in luck. Paul was offered a prescreened invite to get in early on Visa’s $18 billion IPO. Did Nancy and her husband hesitate? No, they bought between $1 million and $5 million worth of Visa stock. But it gets better. While Pelosi was speaker, bills that would have hurt Visa’s stock price were blocked in the House. Visa shares going up over 200 percent during the time, making the Pelosis a fortune on paper.” 


Pelosi earns a meager $223,000 for being Speaker of the House.

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Earlier this year, as expected, the mainstream media stood in Pelosi’s corner, saying the right is exaggerating both her wealth and how she accumulated it.

“But her salary from a 34-year career in Congress, including 18 years as minority leader and speaker, doesn’t tell the whole story about the personal wealth she and her husband have built,” USA Today wrote. Financial disclosures show that Pelosi has millions of dollars in real estate investments, business partnerships and stock holdings. A Napa, California, home and vineyard the California Democrat owns is worth between $5 million and $25 million and generated between $100,001 and $1 million in income from grape sales, according to her 2019 report.”

Politifact also debunked the right’s claim to Pelosi’s net worth saying they never factored in the Speaker’s liabilities. It also claims Pelosi did not get rich from politics, “Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, has been a prominent businessman in real estate and venture capital for decades. So Pelosi hasn’t built a fortune from her government salary; most of it stems from her husband’s investments.”

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Yahoo! Finance estimated Pelosi’s net worth at $120 million as of 2018 in a July 2021 story.

“The majority of Pelosi’s wealth is attributed to the success of her venture capitalist and real estate tycoon husband Paul Pelosi, whom she married in 1963. His firm, Financial Leasing Services, has a track record of wise investments in companies such as Facebook, Apple and the Walt Disney Co.,” Yahoo reported.

Pelosi’s wealth has been a topic of interest for the media. Ten Years ago, CNN Money took note, “Consider, for example, top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi, one of the richest members of Congress. She has an eclectic set of asset holdings that range from real estate to J. Crew stock to a United Football League franchise.”