Project Veritas promises “bombshell” hidden camera footage inside Phil Murphy political campaign

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TRENTON, NJ – Something is going on over at the campaign for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and it involves James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. O’keefe is known for getting candid statements from leftwing operatives to expose a greater progressive agenda that exposes what businesses and politicians say in public versus what they say behind closed doors.

In an image shared by O’Keefe on Instagram, the undercover reporter said, “BOMBSHELL hidden camera footage from within New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s re-election Campaign. Monday night 8PM…”

Murphy will be hosting President Joe Biden in New Jersey on Monday ahead of O’Keefe’s big announcement.

Nothing more was said by O’Keefe, but you can be sure to check right here on Monday night to see what this is all about.