Project Veritas releases video of parking garage incident Murphy campaign claims criminal harassment

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TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy claimed James O’Keefe’s interaction with Wendy Martinez and a Democrat party operative amounts to criminal harassment, but a video released by Project Veritas shows it was nothing more than a journalist asking a public figure about her actions and statements.

O’Keefe questioned Martinez in a parking garage. Martinez claims O’Keefe lured her there on the false pretense of her vehicle being involved in a crash.

In the video, Martinez refused to speak with O’Keefe on the matter. Earlier, Martinez had told an undercover operative of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas that Murphy’s plan is to roll out a vaccine mandate to the public after the November 2nd election.

“After receiving a phone call from O’Keefe operatives who said that one of the women’s cars had been hit while parked in the campaign headquarters’ garage, the staffers were accosted by a group of men. The O’Keefe operatives proceeded to swarm the two women, corner them between parked cars, and chase them as they attempted to protect themselves by walking towards building security,” Phil Murphy’s campaign said, invoking gender identity and toxic masculinity into the issue. “This kind of physical intimidation and blatant harassment of women should never be allowed.”

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