Reports: RNC deploying teams of lawyers to New Jersey as election ballot-counting continues

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SOMERSET, NJ – After declaring New Jersey elections are not rigged, Jack Ciattarelli and The Republican National Committee are preparing teams of lawyers to possibly challenge the 2021 New Jersey gubernatorial election results.

Just two weeks ago, Ciattarelli assured voters in New Jersey that the election system in the Garden State is legitimate.

“Don’t let anybody stay home because they think we can’t win or because it’s rigged,” Ciattarelli said in October. “It’s not rigged here in New Jersey. We can win this race.”

Now, finding himself down in the polls, multiple sources have confirmed the RNC is sending a team of lawyers to assist Ciattarelli’s in-house team to investigate possible alleged election fraud. Ironically, Ciattarelli firmly believed there was no election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump alleged widespread election fraud. Ciattarelli disagreed with Trump.

“Joe Biden won the presidency,” Ciattarelli said. “Trump campaign and the Trump team filed 62 lawsuits around this country regarding voter fraud and voter irregularity, two of those cases made their way to the Supreme Court which has a majority of Trump appointments [Fact Check: This claim is false. Trump appointed just 3 members to the 9 member Supreme Court] and both of those decisions went against the Trump team. Joe Biden is our President.”

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In a debate with Phil Murphy, Ciattarelli doubled down and dismissed the notion of election fraud in 2020 declaring, “Joe Biden IS our President.”

“The RNC lawyers are also prepared to go to court if necessary to address any Democrat shenanigans as the vote counting continues into next week; vote by mail ballots are counted in New Jersey if they were postmarked by Tuesday at 8 p.m,” said Ciattarelli ally, lawyer Matt Rooney. “The closeness of the final Election Day vote, widespread technical difficulties, and continued uncertainty regarding the actual number of early votes has raised the possibility of legal challenges [sic] and, possibly, even a recount depending upon the final margin.”