Suspect charged for lewd images of children in Brevard County

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WEST MELBOURNE, FL – Brevard County deputies have made an arrest of a man in possession of lewd images of children.

The BCSO issued the following statement:

Yesterday afternoon our Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Agents arrested 62 year old Daniel Hatcher for possession of child porn after a search warrant was executed at his residence.

Hatcher, a Recreational Supervisor with the City of West Melbourne was subsequently transported to the Brevard County Jail where he was incarcerated on a $175,000.00 bond for possession of multiple images of child pornography.

Well apparently, Hatcher didn’t like the accommodations and food at the Brevard County Jail, so he bonded out of jail early this afternoon on a $175,000.00 bond and was all set to enjoy a nice weekend away from his newfound inmate friends.

What Hatcher didn’t know was that our Agents had been working most of the day on analyzing more of the evidence taken from his residence, and as such were headed to see a Judge to sign a warrant for additional charges relating to even more child pornography that was discovered while examining the evidence. Hatcher was additionally charged with 9 Counts of Possession of Materials Depicting Sexual Conduct by a Child and 2 Counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance.

So with a little help from our GAME OVER Task Force Agents, Hatcher was once again taken into custody this afternoon and reacquainted with his friends and cell mates at the Brevard County Jail!! This time, Hatcher has a bond of $465,000.00 so hopefully he will get a nicer cell that is a little more accommodating for his stay!!

As they always say…don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!!

Another great job by our Crimes Against Children Unit and our GAME OVER Task Force in doing everything they can to keep our children safe!!

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

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