Freeway littered after money flies out of bags from armored truck

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Carlsbad, CA – It was raining money on California’s I-5 as drivers stopped to pick up the cash strewn all across it. That’s because at around 9:14 am on Friday, a door of an armored bank carrier opened and money began to pour out of the back of the vehicle, littering the road with U.S. banknotes.

Now police are saying if you took money from the incident where two bags fell on the highway, you have to give it back. The money belongs to the FDIC. Police charged drivers who stopped on the freeway and blocked traffic to get the ‘free’ money.

“If you found money on the freeway, it is not your money,” a representative of the California Highway Patrol said. “It belongs to the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and this armored truck and the bank. It needs to be returned.”