Biden backtracks, says he’s not going to defeat COVID-19 as originally promised, but “beat it back”

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at the White House in Washington

WASHINGTON, DC – After nearly one full year of being unable to fulfill his promise to America to defeat COVID-19, President Joe Biden today said he is changing his plan and will have to now ‘beat it back’ before the virus can be defeated.

During Biden’s first year, the administration has had access to vaccines and several therapeutics designed to lessen symptoms on the infected. Yet, during his first year, Biden’s COVID-19 death count has surpassed President Trump’s during a time when the former President did not have access to either vaccinations or qualified therapeutics.

When asked if he is abandoning his original promise to “shut it down”, Biden now says, “We have to beat it back before we shut it down.”

Biden had repeatedly called Trump’s handling of the virus ‘a fiasco‘.