Here are the top gifts you shouldn’t get your significant other for Christmas

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There are plenty of lists out there helping you pick the best gifts for your significant other, but that’s not this list. This list is a collection of what not to get them if you want your holiday season to be filled with joy.

The holiday season is here, and has released tips for celebrating the season from home, as well as the absolute worst gifts and what to consider when choosing a meaningful present for your special someone. 

In the midst of the Omicron variant and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the holidays are going to look different this year. Many couples will choose to spend their time off at home rather than in public places such as gatherings, holiday parties and crowded restaurants. But that doesn’t mean the season won’t be special. has shared some fun and romantic at home date experiences that couples can gift each other this holiday.

  • Virtual Cooking Class: Virtual cooking classes are a great gift for couples to enjoy, especially foodies. Couples can create professional charcuterie boards, learn the expert art of pizza making, and discover cuisines from all over the world – all without leaving home. Many chefs and vendors offering online cooking experiences even deliver hard-to-find and ethnic ingredients beforehand so couples don’t have to spend extra time shopping during the busy holiday season. 
  • Spa and Massage: Who doesn’t love to be pampered? This year, set up an at home spa. Couples can take turns giving each other romantic massages and spa treatments. They can also pick out their favorite face masks, beverages and desserts for a relaxing and romantic evening. 
  • Wine Tasting: Indulge in wine tasting from the comfort of home. Pick your favorite charcuterie items and sample different chocolates and other small bites over a few top-shelf bottles of wine (or more). Couples can share their favorite pairings and learn more about each other’s tastes. If you need help selecting the best food and wine combinations, virtual vendors are available to provide professional guidance and deliver wine, cheeses and jams right to your door. 
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“Gift-giving is an important step in any romantic relationship, whether it’s just begun or it’s well beyond the honeymoon phase,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of “Couples new and old shouldn’t wait for the holidays to shower each other with gifts and experiences. has implemented gift-giving to innovate the in-app online dating experience.”

aHEre’s what not to get your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas

When choosing a gift for your special someone, it’s critical to be thoughtful about finding something they’ll really enjoy. surveyed its users and discovered that unfortunately 78% have received gifts that they didn’t really enjoy.  The company reports that the worst gifts its users were ever given include: 

  • Used candle
  • Keychain
  • A self-help/weight loss book
  • Exercise equipment 
  • An online workout subscription
  • Disposable drink coasters
  • An old gift card to a brick-and-mortar store that permanently closed 
  • Open bottle of wine 
  • DVD movie, with no DVD player

And there are some gifts that you should think twice about giving. Those are as follows:

  • Jewelry: For many people, jewelry – especially a ring – is a really special gift that represents ongoing love and commitment. The only time you should get your partner a ring that looks like a traditional engagement ring is when you are proposing. It should only be given when you are ready to take that next step with your significant other. Keep in mind that many people feel that expensive jewelry such as earrings and a necklace fall into the same category and can represent more than just a holiday gift, but a long-term commitment. Think twice before you give jewelry, and make sure that your true feelings and intentions match those that a gift like fine jewelry represents. 
  • Perfume/Cologne: Fragrance is a very personal thing, as a particular perfume or cologne won’t have the same scent on everyone who wears it. If you are thinking about getting your partner a fragrance for the holidays, make sure to pick out one that you think will really suit them. And don’t pick a scent that an ex used to wear – that is something to avoid entirely when shopping for a gift for your significant other.
  • A Pet: Even if it’s just a goldfish, pets are a huge commitment. Giving someone anything that needs to be taken care of can be more of a burden than a gift. For example, a puppy or kitten is a 10 – 20 year commitment, and vet bills can get expensive fast. When choosing a gift for your partner, you want to pick something that they can enjoy, but don’t need to tend to everyday. If you are set on getting your partner a pet, think twice and make sure they would be completely on board with having it in the long term.
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“Gift-giving will emerge as a major online dating trend as services embrace technology and look for ways to gamify and make the online dating scene more engaging. For example, singles might start to see creative gifts being offered to incentivize people to go on dates, including dating apps paying for users’ dinner, drinks, activities and transportation to dates,” added Sullivan.