Phil Murphy, New Jersey Democrats pushing Election Day voter registration that will allow illegal immigrants to vote, open door for rampant election fraud

New Jersey Democrat Senator Vin Gopal on a recent visit to Lakewod Township.

TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Democrats and Governor Phil Murphy are proposing a bill in Trenton that will upend the integrity of the New Jersey voter rolls by allowing voter registration on Election Day at the polls. If passed, that means anyone who can show up at a poll on election day can vote, without their voter registration ever being vetted by the local county clerk’s office.

Facing an uphill battle to retain control of Congress in 2022, the Democrats in New Jersey are pulling out all the stops to inflate voter rolls and increase their chances of pushing more ballots through the system in November, whether or not those ballots are legitimate or not.

The bill, introduced by Monmouth County progressive Democrat Senator Vin Gopal and Senator Dick Codey will allow anyone who shows up on election day to simply provide a poll worker with a photo identification, utility bill, bank statement or paycheck to register to vote.

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There won’t be any checks and balances. A simple cable television bill is all you need to vote. Democrats, who previously opposed voter identification are now going full tilt in the opposite direction by allowing virtually any piece of paper with a person’s name on it to vote.

Worse, the bill opens the door for rampant election fraud as poll workers have no way to verify the authenticity of the bills, which are extremely easy to forge and will allow non-U.S. citizens to cast a vote.

The bill allows, “Any person otherwise eligible to vote, but who is not registered to vote for an election and is applying for such registration pursuant to this section in person at the person’s assigned polling place on the day of an election, or at an office where a mail-in ballot may be issued under “The Vote By Mail Law,” P.L.2009, c.79 (C.19:63-1 et seq.), for the period beginning 45 days before the election and ending at 3 P.M. the day before the election.”

When a non-registered voter shows up to vote on Election Day, under this bill, they will be provided with a voter registration form which they can fill out and vote immediately after. Typically, those forms are sent to the County Clerk’s offices where they are vetted for accuracy and legitimacy before being added to the voter rolls. Under the new bill, the voter application will be required to be vetted after the person cast their vote.

As far as fraud prevention goes, that is handled simply by a good-faith gesture that must be accepted by the poll worker.

“The commissioner of registration shall designate an individual in each polling place to receive and review the forms and affidavits provided for under subsection b. of this section,” the Democrats’ bill reads. “The designee shall read to an applicant, prior to accepting the forms and affidavits, the penalty provision for voter fraud provided. The designee shall issue a temporary registration certificate to a qualified applicant. The certificate shall be in triplicate, with one copy to be retained by the designee, one copy to be retained by the district board, and one copy to be retained by the applicant. “

To ensure the citizenship of the voter, there is simply a yes and no checkbox on the form. The local poll worker will not be allowed to ask to show proof of citizenship and will have no resources available to check citizenship or even to see if the person has already voted in that election at another polling station.

Essentially, one person will be able to travel from polling station to polling station with fraudulent utility bills in different names and cast ballots from the time polls open until the time they close and there is no way for any poll worker to know. That will be left for the county clerk’s office to figure out after the ballots have been cast.

Democrats who have long opposed voter identification are now going full in with requesting voter identification to allow for more voters to show up on Election, even if they’re not legally allowed to vote.

On the back end, county clerks could be overwhelmed investigating hundreds or thousands of same-day voter registrations after Election Day when their resources are usually stretched tallying provisional ballots, mail-in ballots and investigating suspicious ballots. It is highly unlikely that these offices will have the resources to fully vet those new registrations and tally an election at the same time, possibly further delaying the vote-counting process.

You can read all about this dangerous new voter rights bill at the New Jersey legislature’s website.

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