NJ Democrat Tom Malinowski called Americans “Domestic Terrorists”, then took campaign donations from an actual Jihadist terrorist financier

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The hypocrisy of the Democrat party in America is on full display here in New Jersey after New Jersey Congressman Tom Malinowski spent the better part of the past year calling out Americans as being domestic terrorists.

Those domestic terrorists include Republicans, conservatives, parents opposing school mandates, COVID-19 ‘science’ skeptics, the conservative media, gun owners, Trump supporters, and apple pie.

How ironic is it to learn this week that while Malinowski was calling out Americans as being domestic terrorists in order to win over like-minded progressive radicals in the election booth, Malinowski was taking actual money from a real-life convicted terrorist Jihadi bankroller who funds actual terrorism around the world.

“It is vital to call things by their name. I think it is really interesting, by the way, to highlight that these people, these fringe extremists in our country who see themselves as nationalists, are actually internationalists, who see themselves as kind-of extreme, America-first patriots, are actually, in many cases, receiving funding and support from abroad, and that is important to expose. I think the word “terrorism” is an appropriate one to use in this context,” Malinowski said, as he identified who is a domestic terrorist in America. “It is a very powerful word in our effort to discredit these people and what they do and the threat that they pose. But where I–where things get much more complicated, of course, is whether the legal designation of terrorists or terrorist group is appropriate. It would certainly be useful. It is an incredibly powerful thing to designate an organization as an FTO. It enables, it gives us extraordinary powers to deal not just with acts of terrorism after they have been committed, but, as Chairwoman Slotkin mentioned, to criminalize material support, really, to criminalize membership or association with a group. But, of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and we know that governments have sometimes abused the extraordinary powers that these kinds of designations give them.”

It turns out, Malinowski took thousands of dollars from Emadeddin Muntasser, a foreign Jihadist financier who was convicted in U.S Federal Court for using his American charity as a front to funnel money illegally to Islamic warriors around the globe. He is even accused by the federal government of having ties to Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and ISIS.

Who is Emadeddin Muntasser?

It was only after Malinowski was called out for accepting the money he received from Muntasser that his campaign spun the news and announced he would donate the money to a Capitol Police Department charity. So New Jersey, next time Tom Malinowski has the nerve to call any American a terrorist, just remember, he’s the one who accepted money from a real terrorist that funds Jihad (a war against the enemies of Islam) around the world that funded the deaths of countless people worldwide. It is Tom Malinowski who is the true American domestic terrorist.