The biggest crisis Americans face under the administration of President Joe Biden, according to Fox News host Dan Bongino is getting the truth.

“We can’t trust the government anymore,” Bongino said. “Did you ever ask yourself what is it we’re not being told? We’ve seen freedom take a massive hit in recent weeks. In Canada, we watched it as a mini-dictator Justin Trudeau enacted a 1988 emergency act to arrest a peaceful trucker protest.”

The Canadian government went as far as freezing bank accounts of supporters of the protest. North America was once the beacon of hope for freedom across the globe, but in the past year, Americans and Canadians have lost many of their rights under the administrations of Trudeau and President Biden in America.

“This is about keeping Canadians safe,” Trudeau said of his order that allowed police officers to break up the protest.

Now, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is calling on the federal government to revoke the declaration of emergency. If the government fails to do so, a vote is scheduled to take place on Monday evening at 8 PM, and CCLA calls on all parties to vote against the motion, or at a minimum permit individual legislators to vote according to their own personal conscience.

“Let’s be clear; every Canadian is currently subject to the emergency orders. The orders limit peaceful assembly across the country and require financial institutions to freeze bank accounts without judicial oversight. The federal government does not control how and when these laws are used. These legal powers have been placed in the hands of police officers across the country. As with all broad grants of power, the risk of abuse is significant,” said Mendelsohn Aviv. “The declaration of emergency should be revoked. And if the government continues to insist it is in the right, it should at a minimum give a free vote to all government MPs and let them vote their conscience. We would ask all other parties to do the same.”

“We deserve to know why we’re being lied to,” Bongino said.