After launching attacks killing Ukrainian civilians, Twitter still hasn’t banned Vladimir Putin

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On the social media platform Twitter, you can get banned for disagreeing with public health orders, U.S. elections, and the Democrat party, but it appears that unleashing mass bombing on civilians in Ukraine is not a bannable offense.

President Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader who ordered his invasion force to Ukraine to inflict mass casualties on the civilian population, including targeting schools, hospitals, and residential apartment towers still has an active account on Twitter.

Putin, according to Twitter, has not violated any community policies. In an ironic twist of fate, Putin, instead banned Twitter from his country after shocking videos of the reality of the Russian president’s war against the people of Ukraine were being uploaded daily.

Putin’s government blocked the daily videos of Russian military equipment being destroyed and captured by Ukraine forces and lineups of Russian army prisoners telling their story of how they thought they were simply going on a training exercise.

Many Russian soldiers have abandoned their tanks, APCs, and equipment after the Ukrainian army and citizens put up stiff resistance. Videos of Russian helicopters and fighters being shot down, along with prisoner or war videos interrogating those down Russian pilots trend under the #Ukraine hashtag on Twitter.

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Still, Twitter, who banned a sitting American president, Donald J. Trump for his harsh and condescending remarks after the 2020 presidential election, has not yet terminated the account for Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite alleged war crimes and causing the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent civilians and launching a war in Ukraine.

Putin’s government has not posted to Twitter since blocking the network on March 4th.

Twitter can do better.