Cheaper Cartridge Ink — 5 Tips for Savvy Shoppers in 2022

3 mins read

Inkjet printers are top performers in high-resolution tasks, but they require costly consumables. All printer manufacturers follow the same logic when pricing their supplies. Although their entry-level printers are very affordable (around $100), ink is outrageously expensive in comparison. Savvy shoppers can save money in five different ways.

1.  Buy Compatible Cartridges

All cartridges for inkjet equipment are divided into three categories — original OEM, compatible and remanufactured. The first group is always the most expensive. Its compatible counterpart comes from smaller brands that are not affiliated with printer manufacturers.

Compatible options, like this Smart Ink 902 ink cartridge for $33.49, allow customers to save up to 70% every time. Although they fit specific printers, they are original in the eyes of the law. Neither Canon nor HP or any other brand can prohibit their use. Compatible cartridges from trusted stores are just as safe, legal, and reliable as OEM products.

2.  Buy Recycled Cartridges

Remanufactured products are recycled OEM supplies. Providers collect used cartridges and prevent them professionally. This process involves multiple stages. The products are emptied, thoroughly cleaned, refurbished, and filled with fresh third-party ink. During this process, employees also replace worn elements to make sure the products work like new.

Second-hand cartridges offer an impressive quality of printing. They are produced in compliance with the same standards as compatible ink — global certifications like ISO. Their unique benefit is increased sustainability. Every remanufactured cartridge contains an OEM shell, which reduces the amount of plastic and electronic components dumped in landfills.

3.  Use Less Ink

Not every print job requires aesthetic excellence. When printing drafts, use the corresponding quality mode. You can find it in the settings — just click ‘Print’ on any document to open the dialog window. This feature can be named differently, but it always speeds up printing and reduces ink consumption. Just remember to deactivate it before printing something important.

4.  Choose Thinner Fonts

Calibri, Century Gothic, and even Times New Roman require less ink than Arial, which is often used on web pages. Whenever possible, avoid bold fonts. Some non-standard fonts were specifically designed to reduce ink consumption. They include hollow letters or letters with tiny holes invisible to the naked eye.

These economical styles include Ryman Eco and Ecofont Sans. The latter was developed by a company that also sells ink-saving software. With its program, you can poke holes in many standard fonts. It is not free, but the long-term benefits are significant.

5.  Print Less

Finally, the most obvious way to save on ink is by printing fewer pages. Office employees are accustomed to getting a hard copy of everything, but around a third of print jobs aren’t even picked up from the machines. Print mindfully. If you can view something on a tablet, do not create unnecessary waste.