Is There A Tunnel Being Built to Link Jersey Shore, Cape May to Delaware?

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CAPE MAY, NJ – The state of Delaware posted renderings of a tunnel that would link Cape May to Lewes Ferry on Friday, but is it really happening? Of course not; it was simply this year’s April Fool’s Day prank by state workers who manage the state’s social media pages.

“In order to improve relations, Delaware and New Jersey announced a partnership to add a new underwater tunnel between the Delaware Beaches to the Jersey Shore,” the government agency said. “There are no left turns in the tunnel so NJ drivers should be able to handle this straight route.”

Billed as a connection between the two states, if built, it would most likely just be an additional exit out of New Jersey for the masses who are headed south permanently. New Jersey led the nation last year in a mass exodus to other states.

But what if the tunnel existed? If you have used the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, it’s not all that bad, but driving across the Delaware Bay could actually be fun, depending on how much the toll would be to use it, of course.