Jen Psaki says COVID is not Over; not Waiting for Republicans in Congress

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FILE PHOTO: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing, at the White House

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House continues to warn Americans, COVID-19 is not over and said the disease is not waiting for Republicans in Congress.

“The virus is not waiting for Republicans in Congress to get their act together.  We know BA.2 is here.  We know that it is more transmissible,” Psaki said. “We know that it is leading to increased cases, and we know we’re already seeing an impact on our resources.”

This week many key Democrats contracted the new stealth omicron variant. That variant so far seems to be spreading through those who did not have omicron this past winter, but no definitive science has justified that observation to date.

A Danish study suggests if you got omicron this past winter, you are less likely to be reinfected.

In recent days, COVID cases have dropped, according to CDC figures.

“So we’re going to continue to work closely with Congress to drive to a solution, because the President knows that we can’t afford inaction in this moment,” Psaki said. “It’s going to require politicians stopping — to stop skirting their responsibility to the American people.  COVID is not over, and we have an obligation to protect our country, the American people, and make sure we’re taking steps to prepare.”

Psaki says the White House sees COVID-19 cases rising and falling as expected in the future, but at this time does not anticipate any action from the White House in response.