Shore Democrat Gopal Says NJ Curriculum Buzz is Fake News based on Misinformation

2 mins read
New Jersey Democrat Senator Vin Gopal on a recent visit to Lakewod Township.

FREEHOLD, NJ – New Jersey Democrat Vin Gopal, a State Senator out of Monmouth County today is echoing Governor Phil Murphy and the NJEA claims that the recent buzz over the state’s school curriculum is nothing more than fake news.

Gopal said Republican political operatives are pushing the “misinformation”.

Now he’s sponsoring a bill to combat the misinformation by allowing parents to opt their children out of the state’s new curriculum that teaches topics many parents in the state are not comfortable with.

“Because we have seen professional political operatives and politicians purposely spread misinformation and false claims that cause concern for well-meaning parents, it is important to put the ‘Transparency in Health & Sex Education Curriculum Act’ into law,” said Senator Gopal. “Parents should be empowered with all the information they need to make decisions for their children.

Gopal, who is the chairman of the New Jersey Senate Education Committee and has previously served on the board also blamed former Governor Chris Christie for the curriculum changes parents are upset with.

The Democrat said his new bill would stop politically coordinated misinformation, but he did not back away from the content in the state curriculum.

“This bill will bring full transparency to our health and sex education curriculums in our 600-plus school districts by stopping the politically-coordinated misinformation campaign and further empowering parents by ensuring that their children are offered the opportunity for a comprehensive education, which is what an overwhelming majority of parents want and are entitled to as part of a quality education,” said Senator Gopal.